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It Is Possible To Love Your Job Once Again

Every job has moments where it feels like you’ve become stuck in a rut. Doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring. There is a lack of fulfillment that causes you to think about finding a new job somewhere else. Instead of looking for greener pastures, it may be possible to fall in love with your current job once again.

How? By shifting your perspective. Instead of looking at all of the negative things about your job, try to find the areas of work that give you joy. If all you’re doing is sitting back and expecting things to change on their own, more often than not you will find yourself being sorely disappointed by the outcome.

Are You Focused On Your Valleys Too Often?

If you looked at the average person’s productivity levels over the course of a day, you will typically find two large peaks of activity. The first is right away in the morning and the second occurs after returning from their lunch break. Smaller peaks may also occur after break periods or when an exciting assignment or task needs to be completed.

Between these peaks are large valleys of low satisfaction. When you’re grinding out the work that needs to get done, your role with the organization can seem like it isn’t as valuable as it could be when you do the same things day after day. Instead of enjoying the fun times at the peaks, you’re mired in the misery of the valleys.

To break this perspective, try volunteering for new projects. Follow your talents and passions to get yourself outside of the monotony. The average boss isn’t going to turn down a pair of willing hands.

It Is Important To Celebrate Yourself

Misery loves company. There’s no getting around this fact. When others are down on themselves, then we all tend to follow the leader and feel down about ourselves as well because we want to get along with everyone. Relationships that are based on negative energy are ones that will rarely succeed. Break the pattern and celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud about accomplishing a hard day’s work. If you landed a great client, then enjoy the moment. Review your accomplishments instead of your failures and you’ll find it is much easier to love your job once again. Seek out co-workers who are equally passionate about finding the positive things at work to encourage this positive cycle to continue growing.

It is also important to know when the time has come to throw in the towel. Everyone has a bad day. Sometimes those bad days can stretch into bad weeks. Once you start having a bad month or two, however, then it is probably time to look at moving to a new employer. If there is no passion or satisfaction from the work that gets done and no alternative roles are available, then a new path can reinvigorate your passions.

You can find love with your career once again. You don’t have to actively pursue new opportunities to stay energized. Focus on your accomplishments and the positive components of your job, eliminate the negative energy whenever possible, and you’ll set the stage for having more peaks than valleys every day.

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