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7 Habits That Will Change Your Life Starting Today

We all have habits. Things that we do without thinking about what we’re doing. Some of these habits form the cornerstone of who we are as a person. They are such a powerful force that they’ll even generate additional habits that are influential.

If you’re feeling life is feeling a little bland and boring, then it could be because you’ve shifted your cornerstone. Here are some of the most important habits to develop because they develop other positive, influential habits that make life great.

#1. Have dinner with the family.

Even if the dinner table is the only place where everyone in the family gets together in the same room every day, having a family dinner nightly is still a great habit to have. This togetherness provides emotional stability, confidence, and focusing habits for everyone in the family.

#2. Daily exercise.

Exercising is a habit that has so many influential benefits that an entire book could be written about it. In basic terms, exercise encourages healthy eating habits, more patience, and more creativity. People who exercise regularly also tend to sleep better and deal with stress in healthy ways.

#3. Making the bed every morning.

This habit is one that is easy to ignore, but it has some remarkable benefits if it happens consistently. Did you know that people who make their bed every day consistently are more likely to own their own home? Making the bed also encourages analytical skills and contentment in life.

#4. Multiple daily routines.

Most people have a morning routine. What about a lunch routine? A dinner routine? A relaxation routine before bedtime that doesn’t involve the internet or the TV? When people can develop routines that take them throughout their day, it is a habit that develops more organizational skills and overall happiness.

#5. Meditation.

This habit is easier to include than you might think. As long as you have a few spare moments, you can develop this habit. In return, your immune system grows stronger, blood pressure goes down, and you can set more effective goals.

#6. Develop your willpower.

A habit of willpower development may be the most important key to individual success. Willpower is essentially the habit of being able to discipline oneself. This means making good eating choices, finding time to exercise, and making it a priority to learn something new every day. It could even be argued that this cornerstone habit could help to develop every other habit on this list.

#7. Keep a diary.

People who have the habit of journaling their eating habits will lose 2x the weight of those who do not. Those who journal about their emotions and stress are generally more content with life. There is something about putting thoughts and feelings into words that is soothing because it allows the mind to process difficult choices more readily. 15 minutes with a diary every day is a small investment, but it is also a habit that can change multiple areas of your life.

You can begin establishing these habits right now. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for a new habit to take hold, so commit to the process. Add these cornerstone habits to your life starting today and you may be surprised at how many other positive habits will develop because of it.

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