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7 Bad Productivity Habits That Need To Change

Ever notice how productivity tends to get a little worse at the end of the day? This happens because people get mentally tired. They process information slower, so productivity lessens. This is a natural process. What isn’t natural are the bad productivity habits that develop over time because there is no encouragement to change them. Eliminating these habits could boost your productivity to incredible levels.

#1. Everyone is 5-15 minutes late for a meeting, even though it has been scheduled for more than a week in advance. The meeting doesn’t start without everyone there, which means people get stressed out when they’re on time. This negative productivity habit spreads quickly.

#2. Taking the time to hold a conversation over emails or texts instead of picking up the phone to call someone. When you’re conversing a few sentences at a time, the length of a conversation can extend to an entire day.

#3. Holding multiple conversations on multiple platforms at the same time. The average person loses 15 minutes of focus every time they switch their attention to a new task. One Facebook conversation, one texting conversation, and one email conversation represents 45 minutes of lost time per hour.

#4. Doing the easy work before doing the harder work. There are always going to be days where we don’t feel like doing something that irritates us. If we avoid this task until the end of the day, then there is a 99.9% guarantee that the work won’t get done until at least tomorrow.

#5. Browsing the internet without any rhyme or reason. Everyone has been guilty of this at one time or another.

#6. The worst habit in the workplace that inhibits productivity might just be the enjoyment of stress. That’s right. People today go out of their way to add more stress to their lives. It’s done because it draws attention to their plight. It creates drama. The only problem is that stress also reduces productivity because it takes longer to find solutions to problems.

#7. Socializing before, during, and after work functions. The “smoke break” would be included in this. Having workers stop for 10 minutes every hour so they can go outside to have a cigarette with their co-workers not only kills productivity, but it will also lower employee morale as well. Workers who don’t smoke will want the same 10 minute breaks and they’ll take them with or without authorization.

When these bad productivity habits are affecting the workplace, everyone winds up suffering in some way. Recognizing them is the first step toward making a change.

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