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How To Make a Good Day Out of a Bad Day

Stress happens.

The boss might want you to come in on Saturday when you’ve planned a family outing. The spouse might suddenly be working late and forget to call you. The kids are running around with friends who aren’t the best of influences.

You just spilled coffee on your favorite jeans. It’s not coming out.

Bad days can start from the moment you roll out of bed and realize you’ve overslept by 45 minutes… or you’ve gotten up 45 minutes too early and can’t get back to sleep. How do you move on from this and make a good day out of a bad one?

Happiness Is Always a Choice

When bad things happen, it is easy to fall into the traps of despair. We feel like we’re out of control, moving on the currents which just take us from one bad event to the next. It’s easy to forget that we do have a choice.

We can choose to be happy.

It doesn’t matter what negative event happens. There is something positive that can be found in every moment. What you’ve got to do is figure out what has caused your bad day, why it makes you think of the day as being “bad,” and then begin dealing with that situation.

You can tell the boss you’re not coming in on Saturday, but you’d be happy to work a few hours on Sunday. You can send a text to your spouse to check-in on them instead of waiting for them to call. You can play with your kids to set a good example for them that they’ll eventually seek out in their friends.

Just don’t take off your pants until you get home unless you’ve got a spare pair somewhere at work.

Gratefulness Unlocks Your Happiness

What do you think about when you think of happiness? Whatever comes to mind, at the root of that thought is gratefulness. We are grateful for our families, our jobs, and the fact that we can afford to get coffee that we sometimes spill in our laps. Just because something not-so-great happens doesn’t mean the world is going to end. It just means that it is time to take action.

The human mind loves to support a winner. It wants to create great victories. This is why it seems like you gain time when you’re showing others some appreciation. There are a number of ways you can give yourself a personal victory as well. Eat a granola bar instead of a candy bar. Clear out your inbox for the first time ever. Make it through the day without spilling coffee.

You are in control. You decide what constitutes a victory. Experience one and the bad feelings begin to fade away.

Get Out of Your Routine

We all love a good routine. We do the same things every morning. Maybe you eat tacos on Tuesday and spaghetti on Friday. When there’s a bad day happening, we also have a routine for this. You likely hunker down at work to avoid more stress. You eat something you probably shouldn’t when you get home. Maybe you watch a favorite movie while you’re “coping” with the bad day.

You’re not coping. You’re distracting yourself.

Change this routine. Make the conscious choice to set a realistic expectation for each action you choose to take. Set goals. Maybe you can’t replace your favorite jeans this week because money is tight, but you can do it on the next paycheck. Look forward to the good and that makes the bad begin to disappear.

A bad day is going to stick around if you allow it to be your companion. Stop giving the negative energy the attention it wants and choose to be positive. Choose happiness. When you do that, you’ll find a bad day really isn’t so bad – even if you end up sporting a coffee stain all day.

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