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7 Ways To Know If You’ve Got an Amazing Boss

There are good leaders. There are great leaders. Then there are an amazing few who are the best bosses in the world. These elite few have specific traits they have developed and refined over the years and this helps them and their team accomplish great things. Here’s how to tell if your boss is amazing.

#1. They lead people instead of managing teams. Managers are essentially just workplace firefighters. They get told what to do and then they make sure their team gets the job done. The focus is always in the present moment. Amazing bosses make their teams great by being a leader at the individual level. They adapt to each personal need.

#2. They always look for the purpose. There are two ways to judge an action: 1) by making assumptions about why someone would do something a certain way; or 2) by asking questions to see why someone would do something a certain way. Amazing bosses don’t make assumptions. They ask questions.

#3. They value feedback. No one can get better at what they do unless they receive feedback. Amazing bosses realize that positive and negative feedback given to them from their team helps them become even more awesome. They also know that they must give consistent feedback to each individual on their team if growth is going to happen.

#4. They practice active listening. Nothing is more frustrating than having someone interrupt you constantly while you’re having a conversation with them. Amazing bosses know that more information can be gleaned when they are listening instead of talking over their team. This gives everyone the opportunity to offer new ideas, feel safe in leaving feedback, and fosters communication throughout the entire chain of command.

#5. They are consistent. The best leaders are able to separate their personal emotions and issues from their professional responsibilities. That doesn’t mean their feelings or their home life is unimportant. It just means they are able to set priorities for their day and stay consistent with them. A team should always know what to expect from their boss. If that isn’t present, then more time is spent making sure the boss isn’t offended by something and that means less overall productivity.

#6. They really have an open door policy. Being a leader means being there for your team. There will always be times when a boss needs to close their office door to have a private meeting. The best bosses, however, make sure that door stays open when there isn’t a need for privacy so that any concerns a team member may have can be addressed immediately.

#7. They create future leaders. There are many bosses who are afraid that they might lose their job one day to someone who directly reports to them. Or worse – maybe a team member will get a promotion that the boss feels is personally deserved. An amazing boss knows that part of their responsibility is to foster leadership qualities in others. They’ll encourage taking supplemental education credits, training seminars/webinars, and others specific tools for each team member to use so that everyone can maximize their potential.

Far too many people wake up every day and dread going to work because they don’t like their boss. Life is too short for that kind of daily stress. Use these traits to find the most amazing bosses in your industry [or become an amazing boss yourself] and work can become an exciting place to be once again.

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