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Could Computer Science Help To Solve the Wage Gap?

For decades, women have struggled to earn the same amount as men for the exact same job duties. In some career fields, such as sales, a woman may only earn as much as 68% of a man’s salary on average! In the field of computer science, however, there could be the foundation of finally changing this issue. Even though there is still a wage gap for women, the need for qualified people is great. This need gives women the power to negotiate and that power may be the final straw that helps women achieve true professional equality.

Agencies Are Recruiting Directly From Educational Programs

In Silicon Valley, the need for qualified computer science professionals is so great that agencies like Facebook, Apple, and even Google are recruiting directly from the classroom because the need for people is so great. Stock options and other financial perks are rising as fast as salaries for qualified personnel because there is basically a static pool of people from which to choose.

According to Kimber Lockhart, who works for Box as senior director of engineering, the need is so great that she can’t even do the job that she was hired to do. “It’s extremely hard to hire well-qualified engineers,” she told the Mercury News recently. “And if we could get anybody else in the pipeline, that could make it easier. If that’s women, great.”

At this very moment, four out of the top 20 jobs for women in the United States are in computer science – a place where only about 1 in every 4 employees is a woman. Computer programming, software development, IT systems management, analyst positions – they’re all in desperate need for qualified people. It is this need that women can use to shrink or eliminate the wage gap, but only if they have the skills to back up their negotiating power.

How Can These Skills Be Developed?

It ultimately boils down to passion. Many women believe that there is a lot of boredom associated with the computer science industry. The thought of sitting down at a computer all day to do their job is, at best, considered to be boring. Yet because every business needs to have some sort of internet presence in order to be successful, there is an opportunity for every woman to find success in the computer science industry in any field they have a passion to work within.

Why is this passion important? Because it is this passion that drives more consistency, value, and reliability in the work that is completed. Women who have been in charge of start-ups in this field have shown a definite competitive advantage when it comes to innovative products that consumers are using globally. Just ask Sandy Jen – she sold Meebo to Google in 2012 for a reported nine figures.

It starts with the decision to pursue computer science in a formal educational setting. That’s where recruiting is happening today… and that’s where the wage gap could finally start becoming a distant memory.

Career Women – Beyond Financial Rewards

Women today face challenges that their mothers and grandmothers never even had to think about. With many women today balancing family life and a career, they find themselves overworked, spread thin and with a nagging feeling that there is something they have forgotten to do. Actually, there is something they have forgotten: to stop and think about whether their life is all that it should be.

When we say should be, what do we mean?  Well when I say should be I am encouraging women to reflect on why it is they want to have a career at all. The obvious answer to that is ‘I need to pay the bills’ or ‘my husband’s income isn’t sufficient to meet the mortgage as well as our other financial commitments’. Women who say this are basically saying: ‘I have a career because I need to earn money.’

Earning money from a career is a result. It may be the most important material result but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing more to a career than doing all we can to achieve the best financial earnings. After all, we spend a large percentage of our time in the workplace, dealing with the same repetitive tasks and familiar faces. Shouldn’t there be more than just a financial reward to the vast amount of time spent out of the home?

Of course there should be. There it is again. Should be. It’s an unfortunate turn of phrase as women have enough demands on them already. But believe me; this demand of mine is in your favour and strictly for your benefit.

Ask yourself the question. Go on. “Am I where I want to be?” Take the time to think about it. If you could change something about your career path, would you?

While the women of today are working harder and balancing more than previous generations they also have an amazing array of resources available to them to help them achieve the most out of their career in terms of job satisfaction. There is nothing as empowering as taking responsibility for your own personal and professional development. If this means a shift in how you approach your career or even a total career change, women should know that they have so many programs and courses available to them that are specifically catered to the needs of women in the workforce.

I urge you to take charge of your own growth. This might take the form of asking your boss for specific support or advice, but always remember that you have the freedom to achieve your own personally developed plan and goals. These can be developed in your own time and in your own space and driven with you at the helm.

Beyond Career Success is committed to helping people achieve career success. You will find classes that are bundled with powerful and practical career tips that you can apply right away after just one session. So don’t just tolerate the hum drum of your job. Make your career the most satisfying and rewarding aspect of your life – take control!

7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

We have all decided at one time or another to quit our jobs. It might be for various reasons such as not getting along with the boss, the stress that the job is putting on you or the simple fact that you are being underpay. Working at a job you can’t stand is a waste of your time and life. We spend countless hours each year working. If the work is no longer making us happy, it is our responsibility to decide if it is time to move on to something else. Before you do anything drastic such as quitting your job, you should start job hunting or have another opportunity waiting in the wings. It is not wise to leave your current job without having a solid plan of what you are going to do next. Below are the 7 signs that will tell you that you need to quit your job.

1. The work stress is affecting other areas of your life.

It is okay to sometimes be stressed because of work. What is not okay is when it starts to affect your physical and mental well-being. If you are having trouble sleeping, unhappy, anxious, always think about work even when you are not in the office, or come home very tired, these are some of the alarm bells that you need to pay attention to. You need to determine if this stress is a temporary situation or something more chronic. If it is happening everyday and you feel it is not improving, this can be a wake-up call that you need to decide if it is better to quit your job.

2. You dread going to work.

Do you feel terrible on Sunday nights because you know you have to go to work the next day? Do you feel like not waking up or getting out of bed to go to work? Do you daydream of other places or other things you can be doing besides going to the office? Do you start counting the minutes until it is time to go home? Do you pray for the weekends to come sooner? Do you feel an enormous sense of relief when the day ends? These are red flags that the job might not be right for you.  

3. Your company is in trouble.

When you start to see layoffs and other signs of financial troubles at your company, it can be a good reason to bail. Sometimes sticking it out to the bitter end is not the wisest decision especially if you can relate to the other signs on this article. A few years ago I worked at a mortgage company. When I started to hear about the problems the company were going through, I decided to find another job. A few months later, I heard the whole department that I had worked was let go.

4. You are not being fairly compensated.

If you feel you are not getting paid comparable to your peers or industry average, this can a good sign that it is time to polish up the old resume. The constant worry about money is not good for your health and livelihood. You need to decide if it is worth working at a company that is causing you so much financial difficulties.

5. Not getting along with the boss and/or co-workers.

If your relationship with your boss and/or co-workers are not as good as it should be, it might be time to look for another job. If you are not getting along with people at work, it will affect your job performance as well as your personal life. You might have a boss from hell that is driving you crazy and making your life miserable. Perhaps you can mend these relationships. If you think it will be nearly impossible to fix it, then you can start looking elsewhere.

6. Your job is not challenging or exciting.

If you are bored, not fulfilled, not learning anything new, constantly surfing on the Internet, watching the clock, engaging in hours of meaningless activities or just not satisfied with your work, these are red flags to pay attention. Life is too short to not be excited about your work. If you want to be successful in your career you need to find a job that gives you a sense of fulfillment, challenge, purpose and excitement.

7. Your values are different than the company’s.

If you do not agree with any aspect of the company such as the products/services, future direction, current business practices, culture, ethics, and core values, it is time look elsewhere. For example, if one of your core values is spending more time with your kids, but you are expected to work 80 hours a week at the office.

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