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Free Online Computer Science & Entrepreneurship Courses at Stanford University

Stanford University offered three of their most popular computer science courses (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Databases) to the public this fall on line for free.
It was reported more than 35,000 of the people who signed up have stuck with Intro to A.I., turning in assignments and taking midterm exams right along with the 175 students paying to take the class in person.
Due to the great response to the free online courses, Stanford will offer eight computer science classes beginning in January 2012, including Computer Science 101, Cryptography, Design and Analysis of Algorithms I,Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Graphic Models, and Software as a Service.
Two entrepreneurship courses will also be offered. The Lean Launchpad is a class on how to turn a great idea into a great company. Technology Entrepreneurship is a class on how to launch a successful startup.
You can participate these courses at your leisure time. No text books and no tuition are required. No Stanford University credits will be awarded for the online courses. However, online students will receive a “statement of accomplishment” at the end of courses.

Happy studying!

Class Announcement

CORRECTION: the cross streets for 567 Sutter St. are Powell St. and Mason St.
Date: Saturday, October 22

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Sandbox Suites, 567 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Admission: $20 (cash only). Students with valid ID & Military: FREE


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