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It Is Possible To Love Your Job Once Again

Every job has moments where it feels like you’ve become stuck in a rut. Doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring. There is a lack of fulfillment that causes you to think about finding a new job somewhere else. Instead of looking for greener pastures, it may be possible to fall in love with your current job once again.

How? By shifting your perspective. Instead of looking at all of the negative things about your job, try to find the areas of work that give you joy. If all you’re doing is sitting back and expecting things to change on their own, more often than not you will find yourself being sorely disappointed by the outcome.

Are You Focused On Your Valleys Too Often?

If you looked at the average person’s productivity levels over the course of a day, you will typically find two large peaks of activity. The first is right away in the morning and the second occurs after returning from their lunch break. Smaller peaks may also occur after break periods or when an exciting assignment or task needs to be completed.

Between these peaks are large valleys of low satisfaction. When you’re grinding out the work that needs to get done, your role with the organization can seem like it isn’t as valuable as it could be when you do the same things day after day. Instead of enjoying the fun times at the peaks, you’re mired in the misery of the valleys.

To break this perspective, try volunteering for new projects. Follow your talents and passions to get yourself outside of the monotony. The average boss isn’t going to turn down a pair of willing hands.

It Is Important To Celebrate Yourself

Misery loves company. There’s no getting around this fact. When others are down on themselves, then we all tend to follow the leader and feel down about ourselves as well because we want to get along with everyone. Relationships that are based on negative energy are ones that will rarely succeed. Break the pattern and celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud about accomplishing a hard day’s work. If you landed a great client, then enjoy the moment. Review your accomplishments instead of your failures and you’ll find it is much easier to love your job once again. Seek out co-workers who are equally passionate about finding the positive things at work to encourage this positive cycle to continue growing.

It is also important to know when the time has come to throw in the towel. Everyone has a bad day. Sometimes those bad days can stretch into bad weeks. Once you start having a bad month or two, however, then it is probably time to look at moving to a new employer. If there is no passion or satisfaction from the work that gets done and no alternative roles are available, then a new path can reinvigorate your passions.

You can find love with your career once again. You don’t have to actively pursue new opportunities to stay energized. Focus on your accomplishments and the positive components of your job, eliminate the negative energy whenever possible, and you’ll set the stage for having more peaks than valleys every day.

6 Tips To Be Happy At Work

It’s easy to follow the negativity at work because misery loves company. If you’re tired of the negative and want to be happy at work, then here are a few ideas that can help you change up your routine, shift your focus, and maybe even help you look forward to going to work in the morning!

#1. Make an effort to smile more. It can’t be one of those fake smiles that shows a lot of teeth, but not a lot of emotion. In making an effort to smile more, you’ll need to look for the good that is around you so that you can see and experience the joy that comes with an authentic smile. That means you’ll also need to focus on rejecting the bad and finding ways to be content in all things.

#2. Push the reset button on your brain now and then. We’ve all had those moments where one thing after another after another after yet another thing all come crashing down in bad ways. The stress builds up in your chest, makes your neck ache, and then the worries begin. Instead of succumbing to the pressure, take a moment and just push the reset button on your brain. It takes just a minute and can be a favorite poem, prayer, or chant. There may be no better way to increase your energy levels immediately!

#3. Don’t talk down to yourself. Nice job, you idiot!” “What were you thinking, you moron?” “What on Earth were you thinking?” Self talk works in good and bad ways depending on what it is that we say to ourselves throughout the day. Many of us use the negative version when we make a mistake, but rarely use the positive version when we do a good job. If you give yourself the credit you deserve, you’ll actually give yourself a measure of mental durability that can prevent you from being overwhelmed in the future.

#4. Take time to celebrate. Make one of your goals in life to learn something meaningful every day. Will learning the Peter Capaldi has always been a lifelong Doctor Who fan change your life? Not necessarily, even if you are a big fan of the show! Will discovering a new way to flag your emails so that you can be more efficient with your time change your life? Possibly.

#5. Be human. It’s fine to be strange. It’s actually part of the human experience! You could choose to be irritated, frustrated, or righteously angry… or you can choose to be bemused by the strange things that people do and realize that you probably look pretty strange to others too. The best part about being human is that our limitations are the strengths that others have and by finding creative ways to work together, we can all be stronger and happier for it.

#6. Use the manners that Mom taught. There are a lot of people who do a lot of thankless jobs every day. It’s not fun to clean vomit from a toilet seat or craw through a dusty HVAC system to restore a building’s air conditioning. How about those customer service agents who get belittled by angry customers every single day? Get into the habit of saying “Thank you,” whenever you see a job well done and not only can you change their day for it, you can make your own day a lot happier as well.

Achieve Greater Happiness and Success With These 7 Choices

Have you heard that happiness and success are choices? Although no one can control everything that happens around them, we each have the ability to choose happiness and define our own success. If you’re finding that life is difficult and filled with discontent, these choice changes could be exactly what you need to lead you down a different path.

It begins with a change of your expectations. Instead of constantly pushing for more, revel in the moment of now to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. There’s always something on the horizon to work toward, but when you’re looking forward all the time, you’re missing the view around you.

Nothing Will Make You Happy

1) Earning a million dollars per year won’t make you happy because money doesn’t purchase happiness. Your choice to become happy and successful comes from your choice to be content. You’ve got to alter your perspective to realize that happiness comes from within, not from without.

Never Assume

2) Assuming that happiness will come your way is like expecting dinner to unwrap itself from your refrigerator, turn on the oven, and then cook itself without any effort on your part. It just isn’t going to happen. You’re not too valuable. You can be let go. The moment you start assuming your worth, you’re headed down a pathway that will only lead one place: unhappiness.

Take Time For Yourself

3) A life well lived is a life that serves others, but you must also love your neighbor as you love yourself. Take time for yourself every day to do something that relaxes you. Even if you just meditate for 5 minutes during a break, that’s time that becomes “you” time. Exercise, a journal, painting, composing… these are all ways you can show yourself a little love.

Eliminate Shortcuts

4) There’s no way to find happiness by eliminating some of the work that comes from a decision to be happy. There is no shortcut. You must decide that you will be happy and you must focus on the items around you that create joy. Otherwise you’ll allow the misery around you to be your company instead.

Take a Risk

5) You can grow by taking a conservative route, but you can find success by being willing to take a risk. Failure is only a bad thing if no learning comes from the process. There is a measure of happiness in taking the safe route, but the view from above after a long climb brings an intense joy as well.

Create Realistic Goals

6) Meeting a goal brings about a feeling of accomplishment and success, while failing at goals creates discouragement and the desire to just quit. Set realistic goals that you can achieve that are challenging, but not so far out of reach that you’ll need a miracle to reach them.

Vow To Take Action

7) If you don’t make a choice, then the world will go on without you and you’ll be left behind. Make a vow right now, at this moment, to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way so that you can always be walking forward, content in the surroundings around you.

Could Success and Happiness Be Intertwined?

For people who are hunting down success, one important question should be asked: are you happy right now? People who are choosing to be consistently happy are also the people who generally find greater success in life! It isn’t about being lucky all the time or having more opportunities than others may have. It’s about taking your opportunities, working hard to create a successful environment using all of your tools, and allowing yourself to be happy no matter the outcome.

Are you ready to choose happiness… and ultimately choose success?

Take Care of Yourself Every Single Day

One of the core components of finding success is to take care of the problems that other people are facing. In order to take care of the problems that others are facing, however, you must also be willing to take time for yourself every day. There are a number of ways that you can take some time out of the day to take care of yourself:

  • take time to exercise every day,
  • give yourself 20 – 30 minutes of solitary time so you can meditate, or
  • develop healthy habits that pull you toward successful outcomes.

Just as someone can be pulled into eating sweets because they taste good and that makes them feel good, someone can also be pulled into healthy habits because they do the same thing. By taking care of yourself better, you’ll be in a better position to do more, to help more, and that’s what brings success!

Get Into a Consistent Daily Wake-Up Routine

When the weekend arrives, it can be extremely tempting to just sleep in for awhile because there are no responsibilities that are demanding to be met. Yet people who have a consistent daily wake-up routine that they use every day are actually happier and more successful. Why is that? Because it comes down to what we just discussed – taking care of yourself. When you feel fresh and focused in the morning, you’re ready to attack the day. When you don’t, you’re defending against the day.

Take Time To Disengage From the Day

Just as a morning routine that is consistent is important, an evening routine is as well. Being able to process the events of the day and to then disengage from them can help to quiet a racing mind, calm the thoughts, and ultimately bring about a deeper, more refreshing sleep. There are a number of different ways to disengage, but what you decide to do must be comfortable and familiar enough to you that it can help your mind sort through any bothersome thoughts or emotions during that time. It could be a walk, a familiar television show, or a few minutes of mindfulness meditation – if it works for you, then make the choice to do it!

Choosing success and happiness might be something that needs to be done every day, but as with any good habit, once you establish it, the habit will pull you toward it. Begin that process now so that you can experience the happiness and success that you want in life!

Take Responsibility For Your Life

How many times during the day does it seem like your life is out of control? From having a lunch stolen from the work refrigerator to that crazy driver who routinely cuts you off during your commute home, it seems like people have more ownership of your life than you do most days. We let people dictate how much money we earn. We allow people to bully us into submission. We allow our freedoms to slowly erode until, before we realize it, there isn’t any freedom left to hold.

Are You Ready To Make a Change?

The good news is that you can take back ownership of your life starting in this very moment. The very first step is that you must be willing to change how you perceive things, interact with people, and make decisions about life. If you are willing to make changes, then here are the steps that you can take to get your life back to where you truly want it to be.

Allow yourself to dream once again.

The circumstances of life can cause a dream to die a quick and horrible death. Once that happens, it can be difficult to find new dreams to pursue and achieve, but that’s exactly what we’ve all got to do in order to find contentment. It doesn’t have to be a complicated dream that will take years of hard work and some luck to achieve – it can be something as simple as wanting to take a vacation somewhere new. Maybe you want to start your own business to get out of the corporate grind. Maybe it’s time to take a break from your relationship so you can have a little alone time… just allow yourself the option to dream once again.

Eliminate what holds you back.

We each have barriers that we put up that will ultimately hold us back from taking full ownership of our lives. For many people, uncomfortable social situations cause them to avoid opportunities. Some people find excuses, such as a need for money, to prevent them from going after new job opportunities, trips, and events. Be extremely honest with yourself and strip down those barriers to determine what is holding you back and why you feel that is necessary. When you do, you’ll find that you’ll have a lot more freedom!

Face your fears.

Courage isn’t overcoming fear. Courage is doing something in spite of being afraid of doing it. It can be scary to quit a good paying job to pursue self-employment. It can be hard to send out a novel one more time that has been rejected several hundred times before. You don’t know how someone will react when you decide to end a relationship because it is toxic and weighing you down. Being afraid of the uncertainties of life and avoiding them might give us all a certain level of security, but it won’t bring happiness. Take ownership of your life by facing your fears and doing what you want to do in spite of them.

You Can Make the Changes Today!

No one is going to make these changes for you. It is something that you must be willing and able to do on your own. Start small, make changes in the little things so that you can have confidence to be able to make the big changes you may want to make later down the road. Start building new routines, take that scary first step, and you’ll be on the journey of being able to take back complete ownership of your life. Are you willing to take that first step today?

5 Tips for Boosting Your Happiness

When we are unhappy, it affects all aspects of our lives including our work. Our productivity goes down, we are less engaged at work, we make more mistakes and we simply feel less motivated to get things done. There are things we can and cannot control. Our happiness is largely our responsibility even though it is mainly influenced by external circumstances or people. No one can make us unhappy unless we allow them to do it. One of the keys to becoming a peak performer is to cultivate more happiness in your life. Below are 5 tips that you can incorporate to put a smile on your face.

1. Make happiness a priority.

It is a good idea to start your day by telling yourself that you are going to be happy. No matter what happens during the day, good or bad, you will remain happy. Happiness is not dependent on outside circumstances. Happiness is a state of mind that we can choose everyday.

2. Do things that make you happy.

I know this is pretty obvious but most people neglect this very simple tip. How many times during the week have you done things that make you happy? If you list less than 5, you need to add more happy moments in your life. Do something today tht your future self will thank you for.

3. Live in the present moment.

The present moment is the only moment where you ever truly live life. When you think about the past and future, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the present moment. One of the keys to happiness is live as much as you can in the moment. It takes some time and effort, but in the end, the act of living in the moment rewards not only you but the people around you.

4. Practice acts of kindness.

When life gets you down, the quickest way to cheer up is to do something for someone else with no expectations that you will be rewarded. Research shows that being kind to others increases our own levels of happiness as well as theirs. Making other people happy is the highest expression of gratitude.

5. Plan for happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy, but very few people achieve it. I think the problem is that we don’t consciously have a happiness plan. We have a plan for everything else but we neglect our own happiness. From the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep, you should make a conscious effort to be happy. Most successful people have a to-do list. Most successful and happy people also have a fun list. Develop happiness routines and make them a part of your everyday living.

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