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7 Signs Your Job Search Strategy Needs Help

It’s not easy finding a job in today’s market.  More and more people are out of work every day which means that they are fighting with you for the job you want.  But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a job in today’s market.  If you have been on the hunt for a job for a long time with no results you should take a look at these seven signs which will let you know if you need to make changes to your job search strategy.

1) You feel the whole world is against you.  Once you start thinking that every employer in town in out to get you, it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing.  It might seem like some employers played favorites to their nephews and gave them the job over you.  Even if it’s true it is nothing against you.  Don’t let it get you down and continue search.

2) You’ve been looking for a new job for a year.  Yes, it’s a tough market, but it shouldn’t take you a year to get a job. You need to seriously ask yourself why it is taking so long. Are you not motivated to look for a job? Are you hoping for someone to give you a job?   

3) You don’t get any interviews.  If you are applying to multiple jobs and haven’t gotten a single interview you have to review your resume and cover letter.  No matter how much you like it, you must go through both of them and make some changes.  There is a reason you aren’t getting calls.

4) You get a lot of first interviews, but nothing after that.  In this case you might have the perfect resume and cover letter, but you lack interviewing skills.  Maybe you have not prepared adequately for the interview or just need practice.

5) You’re not expanding your search.  This world is so great because the internet does all that we need.  But there are other sources out there.  If you’re only looking at the internet for jobs you are boxing yourself in.  Less than 25% of the jobs are advertise on the internet. The rest will come from networking, word of mouth and referrals.

6) You feel the need to do something huge to catch the interviewer’s attention.  If you are going into interviews with a cupcake for the interviewer it will come off as cheesy.  The same goes if you call them every ten minutes to find out if you got the job or not.  If you are doing things like this it might be time to take a week off and clear your mind.

7) When you ask your old co-workers for help none of them are willing to.  If you ask a buddy to get you an interview with his uncle, but he keeps telling you later, later it might be because your friend doesn’t trust your work ethic.  If all of your friends are giving you the cold shoulder, you need to find out why.

It’s not easy finding a job.  But it shouldn’t take a long time to get one.  If you are having problems you need to take a look at the list above and find out where you stand.  Don’t take it personal.  Make some changes.  Add some spark into your search and in no time you’ll be at work with the job search nothing but a distant past.

6 Tips For Finding a New Job During the Holidays

Being without a job as the holidays approach can be stressful. The desire to give your loved ones a special holiday season can be difficult when you don’t have any money come in. It is easy to get disheartened, discouraged and depressed. However, as the holidays draw near, there is good reason for hope. Many companies actually do hire people in the midst of the holiday bustle.

Instead of getting down, you can use the holidays as an opportunity to find a new job. Contrary to popular believe, the holiday rush is an ideal time to find a new job. Lots of companies are already looking ahead to the new year. In an effort to start the year off strong, many will hire people in December so they are already established for the new year. Some job seekers will stop looking as the holidays approach so there will be less competition. You can definitely use this to your advantage.

With that in mind, here are six tips to help you land a job this holiday season:

1.Network – The holidays are an ideal time to network. This year instead of dreading bumping into old friends and acquaintances, you’ll be able to use the awkward moment to network and reconnect. You’ll also be able to reach out to connections online through social networking websites. Making connections during the holidays is easy because reconnecting with people is all part of the tradition. Don’t worry, it will come naturally and people will be more open than usual due to the holiday spirit and cheer.

2.Volunteer – Volunteering with nonprofits during the holidays is a great way to foster new relationships. You never know what connections you’ll make. Who knows, you may meet someone who will be the connection you need to get your dream job. Plus, you’ll feel good that you’re helping others in need. You’ll instantly boost your self esteem and gain confidence in yourself – both qualities you’ll need at your next interview. 

3.Greeting Cards – Send out cards to the places where you’ve interviewed. A friendly holiday greeting will keep you fresh on the minds of hiring managers and also let them know you’re still interested. A small gift (i.e. a box of chocolates) with a note asking if they are hiring is also a nice way to approach companies. Most people will not do these things so you will stand out from the crowd.

4.Give Thanks – Thank people who have helped you look for a job. Sending out a thank you in the way of a holiday card is a nice way to thank those people who’ve helped you along the way. Friends, industry contacts and job recruiters will appreciate the gesture and it will also keep on their mind when a job comes along you might be interested in.

5.Be Social – Attending holiday parties might be the last thing you want to do when you’re jobless. However, holiday mixers can be a great place to mingle with industry contacts. Make it your goal to meet everyone in the room. You never know who may be at these social events and the one person you miss could be integral to your future employment.

6.Host Parties – Hosting a party or two is a nice way to spread the holiday cheer and network with people at the same time. Plus, when you’re with friends, you’ll have a safe environment to hone your job seeker’s pitch. It never hurts to have a party when you’re feeling a bit down on your luck. An added bonus could be a new job. You never know who might have a job lead for you.

How to Find a Job in Your Niche

Aspiring to be in a certain career field or job is normal for most people. This is where you feel most comfortable and what fits your desires, so it is only natural to want to have this job. Actually getting there, though, is often a struggle for some people. It is difficult to get the job right as you walk into an office, so it takes work to start work. By investing your time in networking, developing connections, and volunteering for areas that specialize in your dream career field, you can begin building up your resume and reputation. This gives you the boost you need to get your job with quite a bit backing you up from the start.

If you want to be in your specific career field, you need to start opening doors. This means reaching out to people who are already working in this area and developing connections. They can help you learn what it takes to be there, where the best places to go for this job are, and so much more. This also helps you to remain in the know when things are happening so that you can always be prepared, ensuring that you do not run into any serious issues on the job hunt. To meet these people, look into local establishments where you know they will be.

You can also create connections and learn a few things online. Plenty of professionals turn to the online world to connect with others like them so you are bound to find someone. By searching for forums that are set up specifically for these individuals, you can begin to meet others and develop strong connections from across the globe.

While trying to boost up your image, you should also find some experience. One of the better ways to do this is by volunteering for places in that specific field. While these may not be paying jobs, you have to remember the unique experience and knowledge they give you. You can learn what is going on right in front of you, develop connections from within the job, and make a name for yourself. What you are learning and creating will give you the chance to get closer to your dream job.

Once you begin looking for the specific job, try sites and places that specialize in that career field. There are plenty of job websites out there, but many of them have general listings for the entire public. If you want to be in a specific career field, you need to find somewhere that can cater to your specific needs.

Doing these things helps you to stay above when looking for actual jobs. You have people in the field, knowing about what is happening, and actual experience on the job to support you, which make it easier to be noticed and hired. You are bringing things to the table that many others cannot compare to, giving you a head start and some room to be closer to where you really want to be.

How to Deal With Stress During Your Job Search

It has always been something of a given that adulthood brings with it a certain level of stress. For most folks that has always been manageable, but the economic events of the past few years has meant that there is a lot more stress to go around. You can’t switch on the TV or pick up the newspaper without hearing about another round of layoffs, a record number of foreclosures, and the number of people unemployed reaching percentages that are more than just a little alarming. It’s easy for stress to take a hold, but you have to figure out a way to keep it at bay as much as possible and stop it from ruling your life. Let’s look at a few ways you can do just that.

The first thing you have to do is limit the amount of negative news that you are exposed to. We’ve already said that much of the bad economic information is delivered via the media, so adjust the types of programming that you watch and switch your reading habits. This is especially true if you are unemployed and looking for work, as that sort of negative press can dishearten even the most upbeat of job searcher. It doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the media altogether, it just means you should watch and read something entertaining and fun as opposed to being bombarded with doom and gloom.

Having a little too much time on your hands can often lead to you thinking about all the negative aspects of your life. The more you linger on those negatives, the more likely you are to allow stress into your life. Try to establish a regular daily routine and stick to it as much as possible. Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to keep stress at bay and it can also be beneficial to loved ones. Stress has a way of rubbing off on people that you are close too, as they tend to worry when they see you doing the same. Positive actions beget positive thoughts, so fill up your calendar and stick to your schedule.

While a busy schedule is a good thing to maintain, it can only be achieved if you are in good health. Stress can wear you down physically, as it often results in lack of sleep and the loss of desire to eat properly. You have to make sure to look after your mind and body, as doing so will give you the strength and energy to tackle every day in search of positive outcomes. You might think about starting your day with a nice, brisk walk and a good breakfast, as that is often enough to fill your energy reserves for the day ahead. You could also end your day by keeping a journal that lists the positive things that happened during your day. These don’t have to be major events, but just a few good things to help you hit the pillow with a smile.

5 Things You Can Do After the Interview

Going for an interview and answering all those questions presented to you is hard enough but your work isn’t done just yet. There’s more to finding a job than just the interview process. After the interview you have several things that you need to do to increase your chances of finding a job.

1. Keep looking for work

Just because you went to an interview doesn’t give you an excuse to stop looking for work. There’s no guarantee that the hiring manager will make you an offer. If you keep looking you might be able to setup another interview while you wait for the decision of your previous interview. Make sure that the moment your interview is over you start looking for the next job because you’ll increase your chances of getting one if you continue to send out resumes and fill out applications. Don’t sit on your hands and wait for that call, keep looking.

2. Send a thank you email

Be sure you acknowledge the interview and send out a thank you email once you get home. This can be a simple note thanking the interviewer for taking the time to meet you. This will let the interviewer know that you actual cared about the interview and that you’re genuinely interested in the position. This might make them look over your application a second tіme and you could just get the job. This might seem like wasted effort but it’s a really good way of presenting yourself in a positive way to potential employers. Surprisingly, very few job seekers do this.

3. Evaluate how you did

Take some time to look over what you said in the interview. Is there any way you can improve your responses in the next interview? Decide what went right in the interview and build off of those positive points. This evaluation can help you better prepare for the next interview. If there’s something that went wrong in the interview then figure out why it went wrong and work to correct it.

4. Remember questions that were difficult

Make note of questions asked of you that you found difficult to answer. Work on these questions and decide how you’ll answer them in the future. It’s possible that during new interviews they will crop up again. Make sure the next interview is a good one and leave a lasting impression by being able to answer all questions even the harder ones asked of you.

5. Follow up with a call or email

Make a call or send an email if you haven’t heard back after some time to determine your status. This can go a long way and the company may see you as someone with determination and might take a second look at your application. If you keep calling then this will probably leave a negative impression so keep it at one or two calls at the most.

Top Six Essential Skills for Job Seekers

As a job seeker you need six essential skills in your job search efforts. These skills will help you with your job searching and more importantly, help you land that job that you have been seeking for so long.


You need to be able to market yourself to land a job. Maybe you could have a blog about that demonstrates your expertise in your industry or a particular skill. Have a LinkedIn profile and make sure you’re on Twitter as well. The more you are out there the easier it’s going to be for potential employers to find out more about you. This is thinking outside the box and what you have to do in today’s current job market. This is important especially if you apply for jobs through online job sites.


When you’re out looking for a job you are essentially selling yourself to the company. You need to have something special that the company needs. You need to rehearse what you’re going to say at an interview and then sell those essential skills to your potential new employer. This could be previous work experience or some skill you have that the employer could benefit from.  Sell yourself as a commodity that will benefit the company. Show them you have what other job seekers don’t have.


With persuasion you don’t want to be pushy but you must let the employer know why they should hire you in the first place. Use the main points that you have about yourself and use these to show the employer why you should be hired. Work experience, your work ethic, and skills all come into play here. It’s more than selling yourself it’s a valid reason why your skills would work for the company. Talk about the total package you offer.


You need to know how to ‘read’ your potential employer. Try to pick up on the messages and signals he or she is sending out. If you can figure out the hiring manager during the interview, this will go a long way towards having a successful interview. If it doesn’t seem like a right fit for you at the interview then there’s a good chance that this employer isn’t right for you.

Body Language

Don’t send out negative body language signals during your interview. This can include playing with your hair, slouching, or making other awkward movements. This shows your potential employer that you lack confidence and they will question whether or not they want to hire you. If your interviewer shows similar signals then you need to pull out the stops and get their attention again.


You need some personality and charm during your interview. Good looks won’t get you very far when it comes to getting a job. Work on your charisma at home in the mirror and show some confidence when you go for the big interview. The more you do this the better your chances of getting the job. Your personality can matter just as much as your skills or talents. It’s all about how you present yourself.

Use These Techniques to Get That Job

These six techniques will help you land that next job. Just remember that you need to put your very best out there for each interview and grab the attention of the interviewer and keep the attention focused on you and what you have to offer the potential employer and company. Make note of each of these six skills and work on them to the best of your ability.

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