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10 Job Search Tips From a Fortune 500 Recruiter

I recently had the honor to interview Sucheta Jain, Senior Technical Recruiter at Latitude 36, Inc., who has over 6-year experience in Information Technology (IT) staffing recruiting on the topic of IT job searching strategies. Her recruiting focus is IT Project Management and IT Program Management. Here are Sucheta’s tips for IT job candidates. Enjoy!

Top 10 Job Search Strategies

1. Have a clear idea why and what you are looking.
2. Networking
3. A strong Resume
4. Review the job description and customize your resume to the job position by using keywords.
5. Be honest and be persistent!
6. Tell everyone you meet you are looking for a job.
7. Don’t be late. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the interview.
8. Think before answering a question.
9. Do not take rejections personally.
10. Follow up.

Top 3 Common Mistakes that Job Seekers Make

Poor resume: Having a poorly written resume is a turn-off for many hiring managers. When I see a resume that is not professional and polished, I immediately skip it. I will skip a resume from someone who can’t even take the time to spell check or check for grammar errors.
Not prepared for an interview: Basic elements: articulating your value, conveying your knowledge of the company, asking intelligent questions, negotiating compensation, and following up. After the interview you may also want to send a thank you note either by postal mail or email.
Ineffective Networking

Your Top Recruiting Sources

Job Boards (e.g., Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster, Hot jobs, Indeed)
Professional and Social Network (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook)

Final words

The most important thing in managing your job search is to clearly know what, why, and how. There is no “best” candidate, but a “best suitable” candidate. A successful outcome for both the company and the candidate is to find out if they are the best match for each other.

5 Tips to Use LinkedIn to Network With People

One of the main websites leading the way in the social network game is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking website that caters to more than just social networking for friendships; LinkedIn specializes in business networking for everyone. The website helps its users to network within a business as well as social platform in many different ways.

Tip #1: Put Up a Profile Picture or Image

One of the best ways to network on LinkedIn is to post a photo or picture of either yourself or a photo that illustrates what you are all about. Post a photo that is easily viewed in a thumbnail size and try to incorporate color as much as possible so it is easy for others to see just by quickly scanning it.

Tip #2: Fill Out Your Entire Profile

Make sure every single aspect of your profile on LinkedIn is filled out. It looks better to people if you have a multitude of information on your profile. The first impression of yourself is through the information you provide in your profile; so make it as comprehensive as possible.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Website or Email Address is clearly visible

You want to make sure that individuals that view your LinkedIn profile are able to contact you if they feel so inclined. Having your website or email address clearly visible on your profile makes the ability for others to find you and contact you that much more easily.

Tip #4: Add People to Your Profile that are Interested in what you are Interested in

If you are interested in fashion, then try and add individuals to your network that share fashion interests. If you market an internet company, then add internet savvy individuals. You will be able to find people’s interests on their profile, so look and add appropriately.

Tip #5: Post Your LinkedIn Profile link on other Social Networks

In order to get the most networking power out of LinkedIn, make sure you post your LinkedIn profile link on anywhere you can. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog sites, etc. You will find people clicking on it and messaging you merely from them seeing the link on another social networking site.

3 Career Tips For College Graduates

If you’re a new graduate you’re probably wondering ‘what’s next’ right now, and maybe even a little scared about the job market and what the future holds.  While your concerns certainly are fair, this isn’t the time to go hide under your desk at home but rather to start doing the things that will get you noticed by prospective employers and get the job search under way.

The old adage that ‘pride goeth before a fall’ is still true, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be confident. The fact is, you’re adept at working with computers and the latest tech, you’re adaptable to changes, and you’re open to doing things a little bit differently. You don’t need your first job to be the best job ever, you need experience and you have a lot going for you. So get out there, see what’s available and go get it if you want it.

Clean up your on-line profile!  If you spent the last four years posting every rant, rave or ridiculous picture of yourself on Twitter, FaceBook and Tumblr, now might be a great time to go around and take some of that stuff down. Today’s employers are looking at social sites to get a feel for what their future employee brings to the table, so having a picture on FaceBook of you, half sloshed, wearing a T-Shirt that says ‘let’s get naked and f@ck’ might not be a great idea.

If you really want to get some real world experience, go out and see the real world. Teach English in Peru, go to Haiti and build shelters for homeless people, or travel Europe and work on your language skills. Now, at this time in your life, you have the last burdens that you will ever have. No family, no mortgage, no ‘career’. This is probably one of the last times you’ll be so free, so take advantage of it.

No matter what you do, enjoy this time of your life and be proud of your accomplishments. It’s not the time to sit around doing nothing, but if you want to stretch your legs and smell the roses for a little while you’ll still be OK.

5 Signs the Interview Is Not Going Well

I have gone on countless interviews. I usually will know during the interview whether I am hitting it off with the hiring manager or not. Last month I discussed some signs that tell you an interview is going well. Today I want to take the opposite side of the coin and give you 5 signs that can tell you that the hiring manager is not interested in you. Bad interviews can be harder to spot than good interviews. That is because some interviewers try to hide the fact that the candidate is not making a good impression on them. Below are some of the signs you need to watch out for to alert you that things are not going well. Just because you spot one of these signs doesn’t mean that you are not going to get the job offer. You need to see more than a few of these signs together to get a better picture whether you are striking out.

1. The interviewer does not look interested in you or what you have to say.

If the interviewer seems bored or just appears to be going through the motions, this can be a bad sign. It is also not a good sign when the interviewer barely makes eye contact or does not offer a smile. It is true that some interviewers have no people or communications skills. They are poor listeners and constantly interrupt you before you can finish your sentence. There are also interviewers who appear distracted by their smartphones or seem preoccupied with other things. So be careful that you are not misinterpreting the interviewer when you see him/her bored. The interviewer might just be having a bad day.

2. Your questions are answered abruptly.

This can be a trait of the interviewer or it can be that you are bombing the interview. I would not jump into conclusions right away because this might just be the interviewer’s communication style.

3. Bring up subtle objections.

The interviewer starts to mention why he/she thinks you might not be qualify for the position. They might even question you about your ability to take on the responsibilities that the job entails.

4.  Interview ends earlier than scheduled.

This could mean the interviewer is busy but more likely he or she has concluded you are not a match and is eager to move on.

5. The interviewer is being vague with the next steps.

Good interviewers make sure that strong candidates know exactly what will happen next and when they can expect to hear something. If you are not getting a definitive answer on the next steps, this can be because they have decided to ax you from the list of potential candidates for the next stage of the interview process.

4 Ways to Network During Your Job Search

When you are looking for a job, you should never forget to network. It is very important to have a strong network for your job search. The first reason is that your network shows your credibility and this supports you in your job hunt. For example, if you know someone highly regarded in your industry, this vouches for your strengths and capabilities. Believe it or not, sometimes people are awed by those who you are connected to. “Oh, you know him?”, is something you hear often when people find out that you are connected to important people. In other words, the stronger your network, the better.

The second reason is that when networking, you never know that you might be able to land a job or be offered a position within your network itself! When you build a strong network, not only does it supports you by giving you credibility and presence, but it also might present you with career opportunities. Having a strong network helps to ensure your survival in the industry. Some of you might already understand the importance of networking for your job search, but most of you do not know where to start. Here are four ways you could try to build your network.

1. Work Within Your Current Network

Often times, people focus too much on reaching out to something new they forget about what is right in front of them. You could expand your network by actually networking with those within your network. Start by making everyone in your own network love you, and chances are they will introduce you to their networks. This is a great way to expand your network without having to reach out.

2. Quality Over Quantity

You do not have to focus too much on the number of people in your network. Why take all the effort to know 100 new people, when you can have 10 influential and powerful people in your network? This helps to pass more strength into your current network.

3. Attend Networking Events

It might sound boring to you, but attending networking events in your industry helps you to expand your network without much effort. It gives you the perfect setting to approach others in your industry. Just be sure to present yourself well.

4. Use Social Media

There are plenty of social media platforms today, but one of the most popular is LinkedIn. Use social media as it provides you the opportunity to get to know others in your network. The main aim of these platforms is to network. So get networking!

What You Can Do When Your Job Search Stalls

A lot of people make the mistake of giving up when the jobs search crashes and they just cannot get a single interview. This can do a lot more damage than it does good, though. There are quite a few things to keep in mind whenever that search begins to slow or even seems to have ended.

Do not, under any circumstances, let the drop in job opportunities damper your mood and bring down your attitude! You must stay happy and look on the brighter side, even if you want to break down and destroy something. Employers will pick up on the bad or grumpy attitude and look for another person. Not many employers want to hand jobs to those they do not think really want it, make them know you do!

Having the perfect attitude is more than just staying happy, but it is keeping yourself down to earth, too. You want the person to remember your skills and know that you have a lot to bring to the table. If you start gloating about yourself then they will leave the interview with a bad taste in their mouth.

Open yourself up to other jobs and places! Staying in one single area will just have you running around in circles. A lot of companies require their employees travel or move and crossing that off the list can just about cross that job off, too. Most companies will not even consider you if you are not flexible to their needs. You need to remember that moving is not that bad and, with a paying job, can turn out really well.

If you really need a job then do not just let everything pass by because you feel they are not a perfect fit! Hoping to only get one specific job may leave you unemployed for long periods of time, which can look very bad on any resume. Continue to work towards that job but look elsewhere in the meantime! Build up your resume and experience while either earning or finding that dream spot.

Professional websites, like LinkedIn, can be of great service to anybody looking for jobs. They exist for the purpose of the worker! It helps build connections, get the resume passed around, and raise your chances of getting an interview! Having more people know who you are can be very beneficial, especially for those striving to reach the top of the business ladder. Even if you are more interested in getting the job than making connections this can help! LinkedIn allows employers to view your resume and work, which takes a lot of work off of your shoulders.

Keep a level head, do not fall under the pressure, and go forward with the job hunt! Letting a bad economy, messy job hunt, or a certain idea of what you want bring you down can just worsen the situation. Using a site like LinkedIn can strengthen your chances of getting that job and even get you further than you thought you could go all while in a much shorter time frame. Having the perfect outlook and knowing the resources you have at hand can get you the job you need sooner than expected!

How to Stay Optimistic When You Are Unemployed

Times are hard. You know it, I know it, EVERYBODY knows it.  Thousands of good people across the country are suffering right now because they have been laid-off, leaving them to wonder what the future holds and where their next paycheck is going to come from.

Yes, its’ scary but I’m here to tell you that it’s not the end of the world and that you will get through this. The fact is, it’s not the first time in American history that we’ve had it this bad and it’s not the last.  We’re Americans and we can tough it out, and there are a lot of things you can do to stay positive while you’re not working, so buck up and take heed of the words that follow.

First, always remember that the one thing that never changes is that things will always change.  A bad situation today will open up a better situation tomorrow. I personally know many people that were laid off and took the opportunity to follow a different career, change their life, and come out the other side smelling like a rose.  Doctors that became entrepreneurs, salespeople that became photographers and secretaries that became writers. There are so many good stories and so many happy endings.

Before you start saying ’I can’t do that’ keep in mind that there are people all over the world that have it much, MUCH worse than you.  Millions of people worldwide don’t have enough food to eat and water to drink, let alone a good job, a car and a home in the suburbs. The fact is that we have it really good here in the States, even if we’re all suffering a little bit right now.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up. You are a good person, like the majority of us, and good people always have a way of getting back on track. Before you know it you’ll find that new job and chances are it will be even better than the last. So keep smiling, think positively, and never give up home. Like Little Orphan Annie has always said, ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’.

Top 5 Job Sites You Should Know

In a country that is loaded with unemployment, we need all of the resources we can find to get a job when we’re simply out of work. Being unemployed is one of the scariest and nerve racking situations in life today. When we can’t find work, we can’t pay our bills, and we face situations like paying our electric bill to keep the lights on, paying our vet to take care of our pets, and even paying our rent to avoid eviction. When it comes down to finding a job at this crucial time, you need the right resources to find a gig that’s going to meet your income needs as well as offer you some sort of work satisfaction. While several of us will take what we can get, most of us are qualified for some sort of area of specialty. When you don’t know where to look, you need to turn to employment sites to help resolve your dilemma. Here are the top 5 employment sites that we’ve found work best when looking for a job.

Indeed is an aggregator of job sites. From major websites, to niche listings, and even individual employer submissions, Indeed is one of the largest employment databases in the world. With a simple to use website and mobile app for people who are on the go or have no internet connection at home, Indeed updates regularly, and it’s not uncommon to find new listings in your area of specialty every few hours.

Monster has been around since the early days of the internet. With thousands of listings and resumes as well, there are always employers posting and viewing on Resume writing services on are known to provide high quality results that get your resume notices.

Made famous by Super Bowl commercials, Careerbuilder is one of the few sites left that offers a premium listing for people seeking jobs. It drives more traffic than any other employment site available, so you know that there are quality listings always being posted. While you may have to sift through some sales positions, Careerbuilder jobs are known for offering the best income.


Believe it or not, several employees turn to Craigslist when looking to hire for open positions. There aren’t nearly as many listings available, but those that are there are regulated by users and spam is often quickly filtered out. The quality of jobs available on Craigslist, regardless of how thinly spread the listings are, are usually the highest around.


Dice is the lead tech job site for computer professionals. You will be able to find any type of IT job from companies as diverse as start-ups all the way to giant companies such as Wells Fargo bank. Some of the job listings are from recruiters looking to fill contract positions for their clients. Others are full-time jobs from companies hiring directly. Dice is a great site when you want to land a computer job quickly.

Whether it’s a summer job, or permanent position that you’re looking for, not only offers thousands of employment listings, but provides users with employment advice through blogging from career professionals. You can use this site not only to land the job of your dreams, but to give you direction when it comes time for an interview.

10 Job Search Tips From a World-Class Recruiter

I recently had the privilege to interview Toffee Real, Managing Director at Eastridge Infotech, who has over 20-year experience in Information Technology (IT) staffing, on the topic of IT job searching. Here are Toffee’s tips for IT job candidates. Enjoy!  

Top 7 job search strategies

1. Work your network. Nothing is like being referred directly by someone who knows you and who also knows the hiring manager.

2. Have a LinkedIn profile updated with recommendations. Employers go there.

3. Set up job search engines and respond job leads selectively. Distinguish yourself with your style and a relevant resume.

4. Call to follow up. Do not rely on e-mail.

5. If inclined, have a blog. Be a thought leader in your field.

6. Keep the pipeline full until you have a suitable offer.

7. Partner with recruiters with integrity.

Top 3 common mistakes that job seekers make

1. Not prepare for an interview thoroughly such as not knowing the company or not knowing the job.

2. Badly written resume: need to be concise (3 pages maximum). The resume is grammatically correct. It contains significant accomplishments relevant to the job requirement.

3. Not listening to what’s important to the interviewer and not answering questions directly by going around the questions and rambling.

Top recruiting sources

Our over 20 year-old database is constantly updated with referrals and other acquisitions from various other sources (e.g., references, previous clients, LinkedIn connections, job leads from and

Favorite recruiting story

A client needed a senior Project Manager and ended up hiring two of our candidates not only because they were well qualified but largely because they were well prepared for each interview. The final interview included a mock-up presentation. I reviewed their PowerPoint presentations and rehearsed with them.

Top 3 Job Searching Tips

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to get a job or career that is both lucrative and dependable for the long haul. It can seem daunting at times to find a job or career that fits into the right mold for you, and there are many setbacks that could potentially harm an impending job search. In order to secure a job that you would like to have and increase your potential for getting a job or career that impacts your life in a positive way, certain aspects have to be taken into account as well as tips and tricks to take into consideration to help your job search overall.

Ask friends, family, or anyone you know for a referral

In this current market, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your job search is to ask people you know if they have any leads. Usually, the best jobs come directly by referrals from people that you know. This is also a great idea because referrals are looked at more fondly by management and you are bound to have an easier time getting the job; all the way from the interview process to the actual hiring process. Just make sure your referral is coming from someone who is looked at fondly by the management of the job you are looking to get.

Make sure your resume is up to date

Having an updated resume is one of the best things you can do to present yourself in the best light for an upcoming job interview. An updated resume makes you look like you are vigilant in regards to details and it also saves employers time when trying to look up your experience and other information. An updated resume in a clear font, on a professional looking piece of resume paper can go a long way in the job search and the eventual hiring process.

Don’t forget the power of the internet

One of the easiest ways to look for jobs these days is through the internet. There are countless sites that are available for everyone, and are usually free or at very little cost. Using the internet to find a job makes financial sense, since you do not have to spend your time and money driving all over town applying in person. Using the internet for your job search is one of the best ways to secure a job in a company that would be otherwise unattainable if you tried to do the footwork yourself. Postings are everywhere on the net, just do a general search in a top search engine, and you are bound to find numerous prospects.

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